Moving to the Sony A7RII for my travel photography Part 2

The other day I was in Philadelphia to test the Sony A7RII a little more. I’m still in the process of getting used to this small camera. Here is an image taken with it and the Zeiss 16-35mm f4 which is the only lens I have for this camera. I wish there was a way to adapt my Nikon lenses with an auto-focus adapter, but so far it looks like that will not happen anytime soon. I do use a simple manual adapter with an aperture ring and that works great, but a reliable autofocus adapter would be much appreciated.

In any case, I do like the images coming out of this small camera, especially with a Zeiss lens. It actually feels like I can push and pull on them a bit more than what I could do with the Nikon D810. This is amazing and has taken me by surprise.

The battery life is not so bad for travel photography, plus you can always use a USB charger, which is great.

I also have to mention the image stabilization. It’s quite amazing to be able to put my Nikon non-stabilized lenses on this camera and have them instantly stabilized. I just need the auto focus, dammit:)

Philadelphia PA

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