About me



My name is Daniel Hofman. I have been photographing nature, architecture, events and everything that feels right at the moment for many years. I love to travel and discover new and inspiring places around the world. My work is centered around photographing places I travel to as well as special moments.

Of course all my travel photography would not have been possible without the support of my lovely wife Ines, her unique perspectives and her enthusiasm for photography. We work together as a team now. We have been fortunate enough to collect many beautiful memories from our travels. I think that it would be great if we could also share these memories in the form of the pictures captured along the way.

A few years ago we began photographing portraits, weddings and events. We found this to be a captivating experience.  We think that photographing people and events involves not only capturing the moment as it happens, but also focusing on the story, zooming in the emotions and creating memories to relive those stories and emotions every time you look back at your images.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy!