Joanna and Łukasz’s Wedding

There’s just something magical about a couple that loves each other so deeply that their love and their joy make everyone around them feel overwhelmingly happy. This was the case with Joanna and Łukasz, an incredible couple. Their wedding was a celebration of love, life and family.

This wedding had it all! Just to mention a few of the elements that made this wedding so special, happy tears, tons of heartfelt wishes for the bride and groom, wedding traditions, a blessing and a symbolic gift from the parents (bread, salt and vodka), a moment to honor Joanna and Łukasz’s parents, a poem Joanna wrote and read for Łukasz, lots of music and everyone including the children hitting the dance floor with top hats, glow necklaces and sunglasses. Everyone was having a blast. We got to document one of the happiest crowds and some of the best dancers we’ve ever seen!

Once again, congratulations Joanna and Łukasz! It was a treat to be part of your big day and to capture all those happy moments. Here are some of them! 

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